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Skip Logic from multiple to grid

how to make the number of grid suit with the number of multiple's answers?
for example, i have 3 answers from the multiple : house, garden, shop. i have to give the assessment for three of them but with grid question which is has several attributes. so i need 3 grid questions directly. if there're just two answers, so the number of grid question also just 2, depends on the multiple's answer.

how to make that grid question, with the same attributes, comes as many as the answer from multiple directly?
asked Apr 25, 2019 by rand

1 Answer

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I'm hoping I understand your problem correctly?

You have a multiple response select question with 3 options: house, garden, shop?

Whatever options are selected here, you want them to show up in a grid question? Is that correct?

If I have assumed correctly, you need to create a constructed list.

First, let us assume you multiple response select question is called Q1.

Create a parent list (Q1List) as follows ...


Use this parent list at Q1.

Now create a constructed list for your grid question (call it Q2). This will use the same parent list as Q1.

I have assume you want these items to be randomised? I have included a randomise feature. If not, just remove the Randomize() line of script.

Use this constructed list in your grid rows or columns. I'm not sure which as you have not specified the grid direction details.
answered Apr 25, 2019 by Paul Moon Platinum (101,255 points)