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Where do I find the .labels file for Online Market Simulator?

I see a .labels file in the folder containing my raw export, called "rawexport.labels", but when I try to upload in to the online simulator I get the following message -

"The file you are trying to upload contains variables.  Please cancel this upload and click the "Upload Variables" button if you would like to upload variables."

I'm not sure what to do.
asked Apr 21, 2019 by chelseav (190 points)
I am setting up an Online Simulator for the first time and have the same question.  I cannot find a .labels file nor any instruction on how to make one other than the one generated by a data export, which is not recognised by the online simulator.
Hi I am also having the same problem and trying to upload labels file but getting below error:

The specified labels file is not valid.  One of the column attributes has a value of 73 which is greater than 72 (the number of columns in the data file).

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