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ACBC RLH Benchmark/Interpretation

Hi there,

I am looking for root likelihood benchmarks for an ACBC with three alternatives. Thus, is there something like >0.5: fair, >0.6: moderate, >0.7 good, >0.8-1.0 perfect fit?

Thanks very much!

asked Apr 16, 2019 by Chris Berlin Bronze (570 points)

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RLH benchmarks all depend on your survey setup: number of questions in each of the ACBC sections (Screeners, Tournament, etc.).  

So, I would do two things:

1)  Look at your past ACBC surveys that have similar design setup, and calculate the average RLH, and perhaps 10th and 90th percentile RLHs.

2)  Use Lighthouse Studios ability (under Test or Field menus) to generate random-responding robotic respondents.  Analyze those random responders using ACBC's built-in HB analysis program.  Look at the average RLH and perhaps the 90th or 95th percentile RLH from the distribution of random responders.
answered Apr 16, 2019 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (201,565 points)
selected Apr 17, 2019 by Chris Berlin