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Is it possible to delete incomplete responses from the dataset

Hi all,

I am currently running a survey and I have a limited number of respondents permitted (250 responses). I guess that incomplete answers are also included in this limited number allowed. The thing is that I want to have at least 200 complete responses to conduct my research and I am afraid that the incomplete answers will occupy space in my data set and therefore I will not be able to gather the sample I want. Do you know if there is a way to delete incomplete answers while running the survey?

Thnk you
asked Apr 13, 2019 by anonymous

1 Answer

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You can login to the admin module and do a search on incompletes.

Select Search from the menu, select "Incompletes" as the Respondent Status and then click the "Search" button.

A list of IDs will appear. You can select any of these IDs in the list and click on the DELETE SELECTED RECORDS option.

Now you need to be careful here because you may have a respondent or more actually completing the survey as you go to perform this process. At the time, they will be classified as Incomplete. So best you do this exercise at a quite time like late at night or very early morning.

You can also download your data to a CSV file and go into Excel and carefully select incompletes and remove them. Then load the edited file into Sawtooth Software.
answered Apr 14, 2019 by Paul Moon Platinum (84,255 points)