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Output showing Covariate effects in HB Maxdiff

I am use using Covariates in HB on Maxdiff study in LS 9.6.1  and wanted to check where covariate effects are captured.

Is this picked up only in the alphas  (i.e. look at distribution of the post-burnin alphas, by covariate)?  Or is this summarised elsewhere?

Regarding the alphas, I can not generate/find the ExerciseName_hb_alpha.csv file, nor the  Advanced Output Options dialogue box referred to in the Manual (I am looking in the Analysis Manager, Run Settings,…).

I looked in the technical papers -pls do let me know if there is a guide/example on Covariate effects in HB Maxdiff (I saw some material in the  CBC HB paper)

asked Apr 9, 2019 by anonymous

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