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Automatically moving the slider


I am using a free format to construct a comparison question between 2 Health states (one is full health and one have certain illnesses). the aspect of comparison is years lived in each state. We assume 10 years in the illness state (expressed by a constant slider) and a 0.5-step changing slider ranging from 0-10 for the full health state (this is the slider we want to change). What I want to do is the following:
1- I want the slider to start in the middle (5 years), and asks the respondent if they think the 2 states are: a) equal; b) full health is better "state A"; C)ill state is better "State B", based on the answer the result will be as follows:
A) equal --> go to the next question
B) full health is better --> reduce the number of years lived in State A by 0.5 and then repeat the SAME question
C) ill health is better --> increase the number of years lived in State A by 0.5 and then repeat the SAME question
The looping between B & C should End (and the respondent moves to the next question) when the respondent shifts his choice from either B to C or from C to B (since choice A will lead to the next question anyway) and then a middle value (between his last 2 choices) should be assigned to this question.
2- Between 9.5 & 10 I want to add 2 steps (9.7 & 9.9) is that possible?
3- The respondent is not allowed to reach either end of the slider (0 & 10)

Thank you very much
asked Apr 4, 2019 by AMYN Bronze (2,980 points)
edited Apr 4, 2019 by AMYN
This seems doable, but it sounds like a large task.  You may need to consult analytics@sawtoothsoftware.com (or a third-party consultant of your choice) to get a quote.
Thank you for the advice, I will do that.
What I wrote above is enough or do I need to add more details?

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