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Quota Import in version 7

Hello ,

I want to import quota to my survey fast. I know how i can do. But it is manually and i have a lot of quota.

Is there a way to import quota fast?  In Sawtooth 8 has csv option i know but i m using 7 actually:(

Thanks for helping.
asked Apr 3, 2019 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Within the constraints of v7, the fastest option may involve opening the .ssi file in a text editor and making changes there.  As always, we recommend making a backup of your .ssi before making any direct changes to the file.

Inside the v7.0.30 .ssi, there's a block of lines relating to the specific quota question, which can be most easily found by doing a search on the file contents for the name of the quota question.  In this area of the file, there should be a line representing the number of quota cells in this quota question, immediately followed by lines representing each quota cell.  Each quota cell is usually represented with eight lines:

("True" or "False" depending on whether the cell is set to always qualify)
(# cell limit)
(# cell value / code)
(cell comment)
(number of lines of logic, usually 1)
(qualification logic, usually a single line)
(cell name)

If you can use Excel or another program to format the data in your CSV to this format, you should be able to paste it into the .ssi (as well as updating the above number representing the number of quota cells in the question) to rapidly define a quota question.
answered Apr 3, 2019 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (206,100 points)