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Opting in before logging in

Hi forum,

A client wants/needs their respondents to opt-in (i.e., consent to have their responses captured) BEFORE logging into the survey. Is this possible? I'm struggling with it as Lighthouse requires the Start question on page 1.

A potential way of handling this would be to have a select question with "in" and "out" as the answer-options. If you select "in" the login field appears (as it's hidden by default and only shows if one opts in. If the respondent selects "out," they are automatically routed away from the survey.

Can this work BEFORE logging in?
asked Mar 20, 2019 by WTW_cal Bronze (1,595 points)
This could be done with Aaron's approach or with the select question approach you mentioned, but I'm curious about the reason your client is looking to get respondent consent.  If they are pursuing this to satisfy legal requirements about requiring consent before data collection, there may be additional steps necessary to abide the specific law being addressed.

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I'd probably be tempted to set this up as two separate surveys. In the first, turn off all the browser data capture fields and have one question on the first page (same page as the "start" question) : a single-select with Yes and No. Set up the "Yes" option as an "Other Specify", and modify the text to ask for their "User Name". When they click "Next", the "No" response should skip to a terminate page marking them as disqualified, while the "Yes" shoud flow to a terminate page that redirects to the second survey, passing in their "Other-Specify" answer as their password. This second survey can capture their browser data and other information if desired.
answered Mar 20, 2019 by Aaron Hill Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (12,145 points)