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Getting '0' in data when there should be Blank

We have a survey running online & offline. In the case offline we are getting '0' in may questions when there should be 'Blank (Missing)' as these questions are masked based on some skip logics.

We have checked with excel filter and all such cases are for respondents filling survey via offline app. Can someone please help to understand why this is happening and how we can avoid this in our data.

I have already checked for following things:
-> while exporting data in .CSV format via admin link, we did not found any setting related to this.
-> We have also not found any setting related to this in Sawtooth offline app (android).
-> We have many other projects with similar kind of masking and data is absolutely correct for those projects.
-> There is no setting in 'Lighthouse 9.6.1' project setting tab...related to this.

Vinay AG.
asked Mar 5, 2019 by vinay.agrawal Bronze (545 points)
One of our developers has said they would like to look into this.  Can you contact them at justin@sawtoothsoftware.com?

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