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Multiple response options for CBC

I am running a CBC for the same product, but for different scenarios.  I would like to have respondents make their selections for each profile screen for scenario A and scenario B.  My current workaround is to add a select question on the same screen, underneath the conjoint option, but I'm wondering if there is a way to make the formatting look as if there are two natural response options.
asked Feb 22, 2019 by AlexRT (195 points)
To be clear, you want to run two identical CBCs concurrently, but only show each task once?  Each concept having a "scenario A" select button and a "scenario B" select button?

What version of SSI Web / Lighthouse Studio are you running?

I'm running a patched version of 9.6.1

If there is a primer on free-format CBC that may help.
A free format CBC might be the easiest option, as there's a lot of JavaScript in place with normal CBCs that could get in the way of the behavior you are looking for.

Lighthouse Studio has documentation for free format CBCs that can help you get started if you want to go that route.  This post from two weeks ago might also be useful:


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