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Skip Logic MC Question

Hey everyone,
I have one selectquestion (lets call it Q2) with 33 response options.

Later on I have a question (Q10), which I only want to be shown to the people, who clicked on response option No.17 in Q2 and any possible response combinations including No.17.

I have no idea how to do that :)

Thanks four your help!
asked Feb 14, 2019 by Andrea

1 Answer

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For skip control at Q10, insert a pre-skip with the following settings ...

Skip From: Q10
Skip Type: Pre-Skip
Logic: Not(Q2_17=1)
Skip To: Select the applicable question you need to skip to.

That first step controls whether Q10 is displayed or not.

If you need to display the responses from Q2 at Q10, create a constructed list. The parent list will be the same parent list used at Q2.

The constructed list code will be ...

When selecting your list at Q10, select the constructed list you just created.

This will display all codes mentioned at Q2. You can also set a range like AIC(Q2,1,15) which will display only those codes mentioned at Q2 in the range form 1-15.

Good luck.
answered Feb 14, 2019 by Paul Moon Platinum (97,470 points)