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Termination question

Dear Support,

I need in the Termination question to cancel the option of going back so the termination link is direct and the surveyor can't go back, change the answer and continue.
asked Jan 23, 2019 by Marwa
Have you disabled the "Terminate Respondent" checkbox in your terminate question?  I believe if this is checked, respondents can't resubmit with new answers after reaching the terminate.
I did this but i can still go back after reaching termination.Please help if there is any other soultion.
Thanks alot
You can go back and see previous pages, but are you able to submit those pages post-terminate question?
Yes i can go back and change the answers of the questions, did you mean this ?
Sorry, I should have been more clear.  Specifically, I'm talking about submitting a page again (i.e., clicking the "Next" / "Submit" button at the bottom of the page).  When I hit the terminate question for the second time, I see the "Finished" error, which defaults to this text:

Your survey has already been submitted.  Thank you.
Yes i did as you mentioned above and its working now.
Thanks you so much for your help.

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