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Grid dinamyc

I'll try to explain what you want:
In a previous page I have two questions, of how many workers work in a company directly and indirectly, and are numerical fields.
And then on the page ahead I wanted it to be possible for the lines to put the name / email of the workers to appear dynamically.

That is, if a company says that it has 2 employees directly and 3 indirectly, I wanted 5 lines to appear on the grid to fill, is it possible?

asked Jan 17, 2019 by AGarcia (190 points)
reopened Jan 17, 2019 by AGarcia

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This is possible. There's not much Sawtooth Software can't do.

Let's assume you have your two numeric questions setup - Q1 and Q2. Let's call the grid question on the next page Q3.

Create a parent list called EmployeesList. It will look something like this ...

1-Employee 1
2-Employee 2
9-Employee 9
10-Employee 10

Note: I'm not sure of the allowable ranges here? Your numeric questions will need to be set to cater for the appropriate ranges and then the EmployeesList needs to satisfy the maximum of Q1+Q2. If you have a high number of employees total, that may be an issue for a respondent when typing in many names and email addresses? Something to consider.

Now create a constructed list and call it EmployeesConList. It will use the parent list EmployeesList. It will be defined as follows ...

Your Q3 grid question can be setup as a row direction grid. The row list will use EmployeesConList. High-light all codes in this list whilst in your grid question and then define the question type as open-ended. Your column list will be the list that contains Name and Email.

I just setup a little test job and this worked just lovely.
answered Jan 17, 2019 by Paul Moon Platinum (82,475 points)
selected Jan 17, 2019 by AGarcia
That's what I wanted.,
Thank you :)