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Customized binary attribute look for ACBC

Hi, I have a client that (once again) has a very specific look they would want for a packaging study that otherwise works in an Adaptive CBC.

Imagine that there are 10 binary attributes of interest, A to J, along with brand and price.  The binary attributes are being reduced down to a more manageable number with a MaxDiff prior to ACBC, but that's not specifically relevant to my question at hand.

Typically I'd show the presence/absence levels as yes/no, "x" vs. "-",  possibly hide the attribute factor wording and show it as "Contains A" vs. "Does not contain A", and the like.

Unfortunately, what the client would ideally want instead is to have the wording say something like "Contains A, B" , "Contains A, C", Contains "A, B, C" , etc.  Where the name is only shown IF the feature is present, and suppressed if it's absent. Thus, for "Contains A, B", feature C isn't present.

I know that conditional display with a comma format or a bullet list would work IF the feature were, say, brand, where the levels might be "Client" vs. "Competitor", and with different attributes I'd go that route  However, I don't think this works here given that they only want to indicate the "presence".....any ideas, the debatable wisdom of this approach aside? I'm guessing this is far down the path of unverified PERL.
asked Jan 8, 2019 by sdrucker (180 points)
This shouldn't require Perl, but probably will require some setup and JavaScript.  Am I correct to assume that you want "Contains A, B, C" on non-BYO questions, while the BYO question will likely keep "Contains A" and "Does not contain A"?
Or more like "Contains A: yes" or "Contains A": no" (with the yes/no on the dropdown for the BYO)
Hi Stuart,  we have done something like this in past when we programmed custom ACBC using advanced javascript. We picked up text from acbc screen using  screen text scrapper and pasted as per our requirement on same screen. We can discuss the solution if this is not resolved yet.

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