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Is it possible to create a partial profile design that is alternative specific?


We would like to program a partial conjoint exercise with 15-20 attributes in total.  Most attributes will have 2 levels each, although some may have 3 levels.  The attributes will be descriptions of features, and we want to identify the most important features.

In addition, we would like to use a master attribute to represent brand, whereby different brands would have a different description of the features.  We may show the same brand brands multiple times within each task, using a different combination of features.

This lends itself to an alternative specific design.  However, given the number of features we also want to use a partial profile design so that we only show 5-8 at once.  Is it possible to combine these two design types?  

We have considered MaxDiff and TURF but we want to know whether certain combinations of features have a higher appeal to specific individuals, rather than across the sample.  

All help and advice would be greatly appreciated

asked Aug 21, 2012 by TJ Bronze (970 points)
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams

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With our software (CBC) alternative-specific designs AND partial-profile (together in the same study design) is not a documented and supported feature of the software.

However, I have heard of users trying it, and to my knowledge I think it sometimes has worked.  But, this is an area requiring lots of thought and additional testing (advanced test as provided in the CBC software).  Please be careful.

Again, it is not a well-tested or supported feature of the software.
answered Aug 21, 2012 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (201,765 points)
selected Aug 21, 2012 by TJ
Thanks Bryan.  That is what I thought.  If anyone who has tried this has any advice, please let me know!
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