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Volumetric Shelf Conjoint - Pop-Up with integrated purchase option and additional information on attribute levels


Is it possible for a Volumetric Shelf Conjoint to display a pop-up window when clicking on a product, containing further information on the product? In other words: I would like to show the attribute levels of the corresponding alternative within the pop-up. It should also be possible to enter the number of purchases for the product in the pop-up window and confirm your purchase by clicking a buy button.  I would be very happy about some tips and tricks (in Javascript and Perl)!

Many thanks!
asked Dec 11, 2018 by Beate S.
If the goal is pop up windows, I would start with the Sawtooth Script function PopUp, which allows you to add .htm files in your survey and open them during survey runtime:


If you want to dynamically populate the pop up window with information about a specific product concept, you could look into using query strings.  This post from a few years ago might offer some insight on how this works:


Having a "Buy" button in the pop up window seems trickier, but it is probably possible to relay information from the pop up window to the main window with some JavaScript.  I would need to research that myself before I could offer more insight for this part.
Hey Beate,

If you ask that if this is possible in Lighthouse or not then answer is YES. This is very much possible using available shelf display functionality by implementing some cool JS.

Example: https://bit.ly/2C94Zcd

At this point I am not sure if I can share exact code but can help you if required.

Thank you very much for the kind advice. I will try it. I have already stumbled over the pop-up function by sawtooth, but I did not understand how to transfer the data. Hopefully this works for me.
Dear Saurabh. Thanks for the great example. It's exactly what I am looking for! I am not an expert in Javascript, but I wil try my very best.

It's really nice of you that I can get in touch with you about this.

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