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ACBC Tournament Winner Data Blank

Hi Guys,

An easy one here (hopefully),

I'm looking at the count from an ACBC study and was hoping to compare the BYO data against the Winner data - but I have some empty rows for the winner data.

What does this mean?

My guess is that the winner was the BYO concept?
asked Nov 12, 2018 by djtindall Bronze (600 points)

1 Answer

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Off the top of my head, here are two possibilities to check:

1.  Respondent terminated the questionnaire early, prior to getting to the respondent's last Choice tournament question.

2.  Respondent indicated that not enough of the Screener concepts were a possibility, so no Choice Tournament question (involving 3 concepts at a time) were possible to be shown.  For example, if only one or two concepts were selected as a "possibility" in the Screener section and the Choice Tournament was set to show triples ( 3 at a time), then it wouldn't be possible to show a question in the Choice Tournament section and thus no Tournament winner exists.
answered Nov 12, 2018 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (201,165 points)
Cheers Bryan, must have been number 2 as these were all complete respondents - thanks
OK, you can check that in the data for those respondents without a "winning concept"...to make sure that they indeed said "yes" to very few concepts in the Screener section.