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Randomize Blocks

hi together. i already read all question, but i didnd found an answer of my following question. I need help.
I want to generate a survey for 4 different groups.
Lets say there are 3 parts.
Part A (for all participant of the servey)
Part B (4 different blocks, only 1 block is seen for one participant, randomly)
Part C (for all participant of the servey).

How can I do this ?
thanks for helping me.
asked Nov 8, 2018 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Create a parent list called BlockList. It should look like this ...

1-Block 1
2-Block 2
3-Block 3
4-Block 4

Now create a constructed list called BlockConList ...

Let's assume Part B is made up of 8 questions as follows ...

B1-B2 - Block 1
B3-B4 - Block 2
B5-B6 - Block 3
B7-B8 - Block 4

Now click on the Randomize button and select Blocks. Now click Add Set and then Add Block (do this for each block). Enter in your 4 blocks (as defined above). Select the "Use constructed List" option and choose BlockConList.

So now this will work fine and display all 4 blocks of questions randomised. You only want to display one block though.

Time to insert some skips to handle this issue.

Apply these skips for each block ...

Block 1:
Skip from: B1
Skip type: Pre-skip
Skip logic: Not(Value(BlockConList,1)=1)
Skip to: <End of Block>

Block 2:
Skip from: B3
Skip type: Pre-skip
Skip logic: Not(Value(BlockConList,1)=2)
Skip to: <End of Block>

Block 3:
Skip from: B5
Skip type: Pre-skip
Skip logic: Not(Value(BlockConList,1)=3)
Skip to: <End of Block>

Block 4:
Skip from: B7
Skip type: Pre-skip
Skip logic: Not(Value(BlockConList,1)=4)
Skip to: <End of Block>

Now you have it working where only one block will be randomly displayed in Part B.

Good luck.
answered Nov 8, 2018 by Paul Moon Platinum (86,380 points)