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Using Online Simulator with ONLY a Utilities .csv

I have a .csv with HB CBC utilities (plus RLH and a demographic weight) for around 500 respondents. I know it was produced in Sawtooth. I do not have a license to Sawtooth, but would like to run this data through the online simulator. I do not have and cannot get an .hbu file or the native labels xml file.

After reading lots of questions and documentation, it appears that a user in my position can write a labels .xml from scratch, so I have done so. XML isn't rocket science, and the documentation provided here was very clear, so I feel reasonably confident that it's right. However, when I try to upload the data to the simulator, it throws an HTTP 500 java null pointer error. This seems like it could be a server-side error and have nothing to do with me, but I'm not a web person, so I e-mailed tech support, who responded that writing your own labels .xml file is weird and no one does that, the only guy here who can help you is too busy to do so, so you should add the labels manually (I'm paraphrasing).  Fine, I'd be happy to do that, however, the simulator's Data Settings upload page won't allow you upload ONLY the utilities .csv; it demands a labels file. So it seems I'm at a dead end unless someone here can weigh in.

I do a lot of secondary data analysis, so it's likely I'll be in a similar situation in the future. It would be really great for me (and help justify the expense) if Sawtooth could support this type of analysis.
asked Oct 27, 2018 by Anonymous

1 Answer

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If you send me your csv and labels file, I will try to figure out the issue.  Please email them to walt at sawtoothsoftware.com.
answered Oct 27, 2018 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (21,580 points)
Got it! Thanks Walter!