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BYO + Calibration as validation criteria (instead of Holdout task)

Standard CBC is using Holdout tasks in order to guarantee that the estimated utilities  (based on the related model) are consistent with the choices made in holdout tasks.

As I've conducted an ACBC, I was wondering whether this kind of validation (prognostic validity) is also given through the information gathered in the calibration- and BYO-section?

As both information data are not used for estimating utilities directly (except the none-option out of the calibration section), I was wondering whether I could use the counts analysis of BYO to compare them to the estimated utilities.
And whether I could use the data from the 5-point-likert scale in order to compare them with the estimated utilities?

Thanks in advance,

related to an answer for: Placement of Houldout Tasks in ACBC
asked Oct 19, 2018 by Ben

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