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Can I hide the price column in the ACBC BYO and move the total price to the left?


I am doing an ACBC study with summed price scheme and the client don't want respondent read the component price in the BYO question (I am using drop-down style )  while they still need respondents read the Total price in the bottom line.

Is there a way , like some jquery code , to hide/remove the price column that contains component price and move the bottom line total price to the left neighbor cell to fullfill my client's request?

asked Oct 17, 2018 by fisherliu (260 points)
Be careful about hiding the price shown in the BYO, because the data will be recorded for utility estimation as if the respondent still saw the prices.  For proper data collection, what is shown on the screen to respondents needs to match what is recorded in the data file.  Otherwise, the estimation of price utilities will be biased.
Thanks Bryan. My client just feel there is a risk that some confidential component price is disclosed to repondents or even been leaked to social media or competitors by casual respondents. To hide the price column while keep the bottom line summed price may be a little bit better,...

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Well, another approach is to ask the BYO questions before the ACBC as separate select-type questions, not do component-based summed pricing (specify price as an over-arching regular attribute, or as a summed-price where only the base price is the component that varies).  

In that case, oversampling of BYO levels will not happen in the ACBC survey.  Each level will be sampled roughly equally per respondent.  But, you can re-introduce the information captured in the select-type question version of the BYO questions during HB utility estimation as customized utility constraints.  There is a section in the ACBC help manual about custom utility constraints in HB for ACBC.  That way, the preferred level from the BYO questions will strongly be influenced to be the preferred level in the final utility estimation.
answered Oct 19, 2018 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (176,815 points)
Thanks Bryan.Your advices is good, but we still wish to use the summed price scheme because the features may have quite different prices per level and we wish people may notice the price difference due to different attribute levels.
We are thinking about add some de-selection questions for several key attributes before ACBC and use the construct list to get the deserved attribute levels back into ACBC screening part and remove BYO part as well.

But I really want your ACBC module can add the option of hide component price.