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Change in Database Host in SSI hosting

Recently when we have created a project in SSI hosting, we noticed that Database Host is changed from "1.databaseproduction.sawtoothsoftware.com" to "2.primarydb.sawtoothsoftware.com" in Servers settings. Due to this we have experienced problems w.r.to MySQL queries, which we are assuming might be due to the installation of latest PHP, MySQL in the new host server. Can we know the installed versions of Perl, PHP, MySQL in the host so that we can try to upgrade our solutions by replacing depreciated or old function with supported functions in these versions.

Do we have any other affects due to this change in database host that we needs to be taken care?
Any help regarding the same is appreciated.
asked Oct 10, 2018 by Bharath Bronze (695 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Bharath,

Thanks for your questions. Yes, we made some changes in our hosting system on September 22nd. All new projects are created with that new Database Host you noted.

For security reasons, we cannot give out details about the new database host beyond that it is running an updated version of MySQL. Direct access to the database with PHP or additional Perl scripts, when necessary, is best performed on dedicated servers. More information about the cost for dedicated servers is available here: http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/services/hosting

I understand these changes may present some inconvenience. If you would like to further discuss any questions or concerns, please email us at hosting@sawtoothsoftware.com
answered Oct 10, 2018 by harrison Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (1,200 points)
Hi Harrison,
Thank you for the response. Does MySQL 'select' statement used to fetch data from database would be considered as direct access and will this also be restricted in the new database host?
Yes, a 'select' query would require direct access to the database and will be restricted. All types of SQL queries will be restricted on the new database system.