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CAIC, AIC, BIC, ABIC, and log-likelihood not reported in Latent Class Analysis


I have created a CBC and want to analyze the optimal amount of segments, using Latent Class Analysis. When performing a LCA in Lighthouse Studio with 79 respondents, CAIC, AIC, BIC, ABIC, chi-square and log-likelihood are not reported. Instead, '#######' is reported, rather than numbers. Relative chi-square is reported in normal numbers.

However, when I use the demonstration version of the stand-alone Sawtooth Software LCA, I do get the numbers of CAIC, AIC, etc. This demonstration version used only a max. of 50 respondents in the analysis, of the exact same data file.

Since I do not have access to the full version of the stand-alone Sawtooth Software LCA, I need to use the LCA analysis manager in Lighthouse Studio. Does anyone know why '#######' is reported, instead of numbers?

At first I thought it was because I did not have enough respondents, but the stand-alone version uses only 50 respondents and still reports those numbers.

Any help is much appreciated!

asked Sep 22, 2018 by Floor (310 points)

1 Answer

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Similar to Excel, if the contents of the cell do not fit the width, pound signs ('#') are used to fill the cell.  In general, you just need to adjust the width of the column.

In the most recent versions of LHS, the spreadsheet that shows the report has issues with high Windows DPI settings, and because of that the cell width may have to be wider than you would expect to display the values.
answered Sep 22, 2018 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (20,130 points)
Thank you for the quick answer!