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Features hidden in BYO shown in calibration stage

Hi Guys,

I have hidden some features from the BYO as they dont quite make sense in that context, I then bring them in at the other stages.

However, once we are in the calibration stage it shows the respondent a product which is says is the one they created - only it has some of the hidden elements showing as part of the package.

Is there a way I can remove this please?

asked Aug 30, 2018 by djtindall Bronze (600 points)

1 Answer

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Based on long experience, we believe that respondents should see calibration concepts (for purchase intent questions) that include all the attributes brought into their conjoint exercise.  Therefore, we don't permit hiding some attributes shown earlier in the Choice Tournament from appearing in the purchase intent questions.

The final Calibration (purchase intent) section is optional.  Not all researchers include it.  It is only used for re-calibrating the "None" utility to be something related to the 5-point purchase intent scale.  So, if you don't need the None to be recalibrated (if you are OK with the None parameter staying at its original scaling that is given from the Screener section, where the None is the utility of the "Not a Possibility" alternative) then you should just skip the Calibration section to avoid the problem you are trying to address.
answered Aug 30, 2018 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (201,565 points)
Thanks Bryan,

I am fine with them being shown when generated from a concept - but this is creating random combinations which werent chosen and then showing them to the respondent as if they made that choice.

The simple way would be to just remove the wording that says it was thier creation, but I just wondered if I could have that final concept mirror exactly what they selected in the BYO.