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Exclude Other Specify text box in the constructed list

I am using constructed list based on the existing question. The existing question contains Other, Specify - Text box). I don't want text box in the constructed list. Can you suggest how to get it done?

Actual List
Att-3, Att-3(Others, Text Box)

Constructed List should contain...
asked Jul 30, 2012 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Assume Q1 is the 1st question (using Q1List as the parent list) and Q2 is where you are using the constructed list.

If at Q2 you create a constructed list with the command AIC(Q1), the other specify comment from Q1 will appear as the other code at Q2.

If you want to remove the other code altogether from Q2 then just use the command AIC(Q1List,1,2).
answered Jul 30, 2012 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)
Correction - use AIC(Q1,1,2) is the correct command in the last paragraph.
Paul, I use a 5 point scale grid question. The problem is I need Others without text box.

We can do this with some Perl script.

Create a new parent list for Q2 which should be exactly the same as the Q1 parent list except the other specify code has the comment box turned off.

I'm assuming Q1 is a select type question (allowing multiple responses) and Q2 is a grid type question.

Insert this into the Q2ConList ...

Begin Unverified Perl

if (VALUE("Q1_1")==1)

if (VALUE("Q1_2")==1)

if (VALUE("Q1_3")==1)

End Unverified

If Q1 is a grid type question, simply change the "Q1_?" references to "Q1_r?" or "Q1_c?" (depending on your grid direction). I'm not sure what conditions you need to apply if Q1 is a grid question so you may need to change them too?

But this solution will remove the other specify text box at Q2 and select the codes mentioned from Q1 even though the parent lists differ.
Paul, It worked. :) Thanks.