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Running survey on an IPad/"Go"-button automatically loads previous page

Dear all,

I have a numeric question (see example below):

Please indicate how many kilometers you drive on average per year?

___ miles

When running the survey and this question in particular on an iPad Pro (within the iPad’s Safari web browser), I encounter the following problem:

When clicking into the answer box, the iPad’s virtual keyboard pops up from the bottom and so enables me to type in my yearly mileage. Intuitively, as a respondent, I would then press the “Go”/Enter button on the virtual keyboard once entered my yearly mileage instead of pressing the forward/next button which is to be found just below the question – simply the “Go”/Enter button on the virtual keyboard is closer.

The problem which then occurs, however, is that the previous question/page instead of the following question/page is loaded!

Is there a way to solve this issue?

Thank you all and best regards,

asked Aug 1, 2018 by JoGu (270 points)
Unfortunately, I don't have an iPad to test with, but I suspect that this may be fixed by using code like this in your survey's HTML head tag:

        if (e.which == 13 && !$(e.target).is('textarea')) {

Could you try this and see if the behavior improves?
Hey Zachary,

I just did a quick check and so far your code seems to work perfectly!

Thank you very much!

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