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Mobile MaxDiff


I am currently using lighthouse studio 9.5.3 and my MaxDiff is not looking great on a mobile device, it has changed the formats+size, you need to scroll a lot.. How can I get rid of this? would upgrading to 9.6 be an option?

asked Aug 1, 2018 by Caroline
Can you expound on what you envision from a mobile MaxDiff?  How would you want the screen space of a smaller device to be better used by the MaxDiff?
Hi Zach,

Currently the MXD is a pairwise exercise that shows two options next to each other, ideally i would want that shown but coherently smaller. Currently one option is shown in a smaller font than the other and the title is blown up (all this is not on desktop).
The current CBC looks great on a mobile but the MaxDiff doesn't look quite right this way.
I haven't observed that behavior with my device, but if you are working with a two-item, best-only MaxDiff, I may have another option.  There was some code I could dig up that replaced the regular MaxDiff table with two buttons, not unlike how mobile select questions.  The two buttons are displayed side-by-side on larger screens, but one beneath the other for mobile screens.  Would something like this be helpful for you?

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Last time i converted the format manually by some css/jquery. I dont think, if it is available in v9.6.
answered Aug 1, 2018 by Rajesh Rana Gold (24,865 points)