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I set the quota, but it seems that quota virable cannot be recorded

I set quota about the gender, age, etc, but when I checked the data, I found quota value were not recorded. I can see the completes number is 1, but e.g Gender quota -Male - 0 complete, Female-0 complete. Could you tell me why this happen?
asked Jul 27, 2018 by Yange.Li (220 points)
Another possible reason is the quota questions are being skipped. Can you check if there is any skip logic due to which quota questions are not executed.

1 Answer

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You must have defined your logic incorrectly? Make sure you have the correct question number and code number applied within your logic

Perform a simple test like gender (male / female) to begin with. Under the Advanced tab of your quota question, do not use predictive quota control. Check for cell membership should be set to sequential.

You also want your survey top be submitted as a completed survey, not a disqualified survey.

Let me know how you go.
answered Jul 27, 2018 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)