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Concept Sorting by Natural Level Order not working with CBC Alternative Specific Design

I am trying to generate a CBC alternative specific design with concept sorting by natural level order in LightHouse Studio. Specifically, my primary attribute (with 8 levels of Brand) is attribute 1 in my design. I would like respondents to see all 8 attribute #1 levels/Brands in each screen/task AND have Brands shown in each screen/task ordered by natural level order  (that is: attribute 1
/level 1 appears as first/left-most concept; attribute 1, level 2 appears as second concept, etc.).  

In LightHouse Studio on the design tab under "additional settings", I've selected "Natural Level Order" under concept sorting and indicated to sort by "attribute 1". I'm using the shortcut design strategy and and am showing 8 concepts per task (excluding None).

I get no error messages and am able to export a .CSV CBC design file successfully  BUT , in the design file, concepts are not sorted by natural level order of attribute 1/brand (the concepts are sorted by what appears to be random order of attribute 1/brand).

Is there another way to achieve the concept ordering I desire OR am I doing something incorrectly.

Thank you.
asked Jun 20, 2018 by anonymous

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