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Calculate Share Of Preference in Alternative Specific Design

Hello everyone

I'm doing a CBC study with Alternative Specific Design (300 respondents, 8 attributes)
Attribute 1 has 2 levels and I applied Prohibitions on every level of Attribute 3 and Attribute 5 if level 2 of Attr. 1 is shown.
Now I'm wondering on how can I calculate SOP in a scenario like this:
Product 1 - Attr1 (Lev 1)+Attr2...+Attr8
Product 2 - Attr1 (Lev 2)+Attr2+Att4+Attr6...+Attr8
While every attribute builds  Product 1, in Product 2 Attr3 and Attr5 are missing. If I don't consider those 2 attributes I'm forcing the missing levels to have a zero utility, which I guess it isn't correct
How can I'm manage this situation?

I'm a novice in this field, I beg your pardon
Thank you in advance
asked May 30, 2018 by guido

1 Answer

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In this case, you would enter "N/A" for attributes 3 and 5 for product 2.  That tells the simulator those attributes do not apply for that product.
answered May 30, 2018 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (22,905 points)
Thank you very much for your answer Walter
I didn' find that option in the simulator. It does work perfectly!
I desume from the sop resulted that underlying  calculation doesn't consider those attributes at all
Thank you again