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Auto-submit if answered

I want to auto-submit if the question has been answered.  No Next button.   I thought I had seen that on the Forum but now all I can find uses a timer.  Does anyone have code for V8 that simply requires an answer?

asked May 17, 2018 by Mike (245 points)
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A single select.

1 Answer

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Place this in your question:

function SSI_CustomGraphicalRadiobox() {
answered May 17, 2018 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (172,175 points)
Zachary:  That worked great!  Thank you so much!  Mike
What if we want to "hide" a freeformat question that is calculating a variable and can't put it on the same page as another question due to skips and questions needing/pulling from that variable. Is there a way to automatically submit or go to next without completely skipping the question?

Does the information in this post help?
I'm not sure where to place the SSI_SubmitMe()
You may want to speak with Jay about his code.  My recommendation was to not have the hidden free format question at all.
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