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'Pipe in' grid response to new question

I need to 'pipe in' an answer from a previous question into a new question.

In the text of a question I want to display a response from a grid question (S7meds)... however the grid rows (which I wanted to be piped in to my new question text are piped in from the previous question using a constructed list.

The grid question (S7meds) has up to 9 rows and 8 columns. I need to pipe in the row label where the respondent checked either column 1, column 3, or column 5.

If the respondent has a check in column 1 then the responses from column 1 should appear in my new question text, if the responded has check(s) in column 3 then only those responses should appear in my new question (ignore column 1), and if respondents have checks in column 5 then only those should appear in the new question

Basically the row labels that correspond with either column 1, 3, or 5 of  the grid question s7meds need to appear in the text of my new question.

Is this possible? Any help would be appreciated
asked May 10, 2018 by Kaitlan

1 Answer

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If I understand correctly, you already have the constructed list to pull into your new question as the answer choices, correct?  You then want to also display the options in that constructed list as part of your question text as well?  If so, you can use the SSI Script [% ListLabelsArray (ListName) %] and that will return a comm-separated list of the items in the list name you put in.  For further formatting and options look up DisplayListLabels and FormatListLabels in the help menu.

If this is not what you were looking for then any additional information/clarification would be helpful.
answered May 11, 2018 by Jay Rutherford Gold (36,215 points)
I have the list that is used in the grid question, but I want to display only the list only certain items they selected in the grid question.

If they selected only items in column 1 then I want what was selected in column 1 to be displayed. If they selected responses in column 3, I want those to be displayed (and ignore the responses in column 1). If they select options from column 5, I only want the items on the rows associated with what they select in column five to appear.

For context we ask a question about which medication they are on from the constructed list medlist. The meds they select appear on the next page in a grid which asks them which med they took first (column 1) which med they took second (column 3) and which med they took third (column 5). The new question I am trying to program says "Based on the previous question you indicated you are currently on _______. Please enter how long you have been taking this medication"

So I'm trying to pull the medication they were on most recently into the text of a new question