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How to avoid the start page and start with questions right away?

Hi guys,

we would like to have the official start page handled by our CMS, and once the user clicks on the survey link, the questionnaire should start right away. That means the question should be there instead of the introdution page. How can i do that?

asked Jul 12, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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These extracts from the Sawtooth help should assist.

*Here is an extract from the Sawtooth help regarding click-on links ...

If you want to link to a new SSI Web survey and automatically "pass through" the user name and/or password, you should link respondents directly to the Perl script located in the cgi-bin directory. This lets qualified respondents start the survey without having to type in passwords or see the login page. Let's imagine that we wanted to link to a new SSI Web survey called "tep1" installed on the sawtoothsoftware.com server, located in the "gonzo" study root directory, with valid passwords named myusername of "michael" and mypassword of "A6Z99". In the Web Address (URL) field on the Settings tab, we would specify:


When linking from an SSI Web survey to another SSI Web survey, to dynamically insert the respondent's passwords (named, as an example, myusername and mypassword), use [%myusername%] and [%mypassword%], for example:

You can also pass additional variables into the data set, as long as those are defined as pass-in fields:


In this example tep1 is the study name, a password called mypassword is used, and the zip code for each respondent is already known and passed into the data file. You can pass in as many additional variables as you want, as long as they are initially defined as pass-in fields in the passwords area, and the length of the URL doesn't exceed that supported by browsers.

When respondents are linked to the new survey, if the passwords are valid (and the quota is not complete), the respondent is sent to the page following the password screen. If the respondent is restarting an interview, the page where he/she left off is displayed.

*Here is an extract from the Sawtooth help regarding the sys_skipto feature ...

If you want to restart an SSI Web questionnaire and skip to ("link to") a specific question name, you can do so by including a "sys_skipto" variable within the URL hyperlink (note: only works for restarts). For example:


The hyperlink above restarts the tep1 survey and skips respondents directly to Q11.

The most common use for this functionality is for linking multiple surveys (such as multiple conjoint modules) while still maintaining quota control. For example, consider the following study design:

 - Study1 (CiW-type survey)  
 - Study2 (CBC survey #1)  
 - Study3 (CBC survey #2)  
All respondents start in Study1 and complete Q1-Q10. After Q10, respondents receive either Study2 or Study3, depending on answers within Study1. After completing the CBC section, respondents return to Study1 to complete the survey (Q11-Q20) and be counted toward the quotas that are maintained in Study1.

To do this, a skip pattern is inserted within Study1 that skips respondents from Q10 to one of two Terminate/Link questions placed in Study1. The Terminate/Link questions mark respondents as incomplete, and link them to either Study2 or Study3. Then, at the end of Study2 and Study3, Terminate/Link questions link respondents back to Study1, with sys_skipto=Q11 placed within the URL. Respondents finish Q11-Q20 and reach a Terminate/Link question in Study1 that marks respondents as complete.

Note: if restarting a survey and skipping forward within the questionnaire, make sure not to set passthrough variables to new values. If a passthrough variable has already been stored and is later resubmitted as a different value, the original value is maintained.
answered Jul 13, 2012 by Paul Moon Platinum (101,255 points)
There is also a help video on linkin in and skipping the start page at https://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/support/issues/ssiweb/help_movies/pass_in_info.htm