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Fixed taks with the logit analysis instead of HB


How can I analyse the fixed taks with the logit analysis instead of HB? (I need this information for the Market simulation to choose the beste method so I can segment the market).
When I run the fixed tasks for the logit I get for each of the three levels a score instead of 2 when I'm running the HB or LCA.
So is it even possible to run a Logit with fixed tasks instead of HB? And if this is possible, how should I run this analysis?
asked Apr 26, 2018 by mvorm (140 points)
Could you give some more information?

1.  Do you want to include the fixed tasks in the utility estimation?  Normally, fixed tasks are held out for validation of predictions.

2.  What software are you using to estimate the utilities using logit? Using HB? Using Latent Class?  I ask, because we have standalone versions of latent class and HB.  We also have built-in logit, latent class, and HB tools within Lighthouse Studio.

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