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Efficient design for price sensitivity with prohibitions and summed price


I want do run a cbc measuring price sensitivity for different tarifs of renting vehicles: a pay per use tarif and a flat rate tarif.
The design should contain the following attributes:
- an annual fee for renting vehicles for all tarifs
- the price per use (not applicable for flat rate tarif)
- the duration of usage (up to 5 hours - more than 5 hours)
- vehicle type (standard - premium)
- reservation (yes - no)

The total summed price should be the annual fee + the price per use.
The price per use should not be displayed in profiles with a flat rate.
The price per use and the flat rate price should be higher for profile with premium vehicles and reservation.

I'm not sure how to handle the price per use in combination with the flat rate tarif. the prohibition is that the price per use should not appear with the flat rate tarif. If I would set my price per use to 0 for all flat rate profiles, my efficiency would be very low.
Is there another solution to estimate the preference shares and price sensitivity for pay per use and flat rate tarif in one design?

Thanks and regards,
asked Apr 24, 2018 by Heinrich Müller

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