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CBC Counts: Wrong Output in terms of "Choice Tasks included"

Dear Sawtooth Community,

I have a study including two CBC exercises. Respondents are randomly assigned to either do CBC 1 or CBC 2. Each CBC exercise consists of 12 random choice tasks and 3 fixed tasks. 131 respondents answered CBC 1 and 130 respondents answered CBC 2.

I did run Count Analysis on both CBC´s separately to get a first impression of the collected data. I followed the default CBC Count settings and only included the 12 random choice tasks per analysis respectively, leaving out the fixed ones. The counts output for CBC 1 correctly indicated, that 131 people answered this CBC exercise. However, the first line “Choice tasks included” says that 24 Random and 3 Fixed Tasks were included in calculations. Shouldn´t it be just 12 Random Choice Tasks? In my opinion the additional 12 random choice tasks and the additional 3 fixed choice tasks must stem from CBC 2.

Can somebody please explain to me, why the description of “choice tasks included” (24 Random, 3 Fixed) seems to also include the choice tasks from CBC 2, when CBC 1 is selected for analysis (while the number of respondents, 131,  is correct for CBC 1)? How can I make sure that actually only CBC 1 is analysed?

Thanks for your help!
asked Apr 18, 2018 by AnjaWe (270 points)

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Yes, it looks like a bug in the software.  I just was able to reproduce the problem.  But, it looks to me that the counts are being computed properly, even though the message at the top of the report is wrong.  Sorry.  We'll discuss with the software developers and look to get a fix in the next release.
answered Apr 18, 2018 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (187,915 points)
selected Apr 18, 2018 by AnjaWe
Thank´s for checking this Bryan!
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Anja.  The problem has been fixed for the next release of Lighthouse Studio.