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Select question radio buttons can't be clicked

Hello everyone,

After putting up another SSI Web project, while testing it, I've noticed that the select questions aren't working, i. e., I can't click on the radio buttons. I've started a new project, and when I add a select question the radio buttons work like a charm. I even made a backup and emptied the initial project, leaving only the select question, but the problem persists, what clearly demonstrates that the issue is in the that particular project.

Of course the fact that I've created the project based on another one (i. e., copying the folder and changing the folder and file names) may have to do with this.

Does anyone had this problem before? Is there anything I can do to put it to work besides starting a new project and inserting all the information again? Since I have more than 30 questions with a lot of JavaScript in it, that wouldn't be nice...

By the way, I'm using version 7.0.26.

Thank you all,
João Fernandes
asked Jul 10, 2012 by João Fernandes Bronze (2,040 points)
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams

2 Answers

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HI Joao. Instead of copying and renaming folders... Open original project then "save as" a different project. This will create a copy and hopefully solve your problem.

answered Jul 10, 2012 by anonymous
Russell, I am at least surprised how I couldn't remember that, since I used it before, and it is obvious... Nonetheless, I finally figured out the problem: I had some JavaScript in the survey header, and after removing it and transfer it to a question, it is apparently working. Nevertheless, thanks!
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Something else to try - in Version 7 you can hold the "Control" key down and select multiple questions in the Write Questionnaire dialog.  Then click the Copy button, close the study, open the new study, go to the Write Questionnaire dialog, and click Paste.  The questions will be brought in to the new study.
answered Jul 11, 2012 by Gary Baker Silver (7,795 points)