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CBC Attribute Randomization: Anything I need to account for?

Dear Sawtooth team and forum members,

this is the first time I´m using Sawtooth so sorry for that simple question.

I´m doing a CBC and I decided to click the “randomize all” button for attributes, so that every respondent receives a random order of attributes in the choice tasks. I assumed, that merely clicking the “randomize all” button in the CBC Additional design settings, the software is able to handle the randomization and (re-)allocates the part-worth-utilities correctly. When checking some self-generated test data within the Analysis Manager, it also seemed to do so.

However, now I saw some CBC design functions that are useful when “advanced researchers want to customize the format for their CBC questions” and are “Useful if the attribute position is randomized in the design.”
E.g.: CBCAttributeValue
ConceptPosition#, LevelTextPosition#)
->Returns the attribute value for the given attribute concept position and level position. Useful if the attribute position is randomized in the design.

Now I´m wondering: Is there any additional code I need to use when clicking the “randomize all” button for attributes to ensure that the software can handle the randomization correctly? Or does it automatically do so?

Just wanted to make that sure before running the survey.

Thanks for your help!
asked Mar 7, 2018 by AnjaWe (270 points)

1 Answer

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The code you refer to is useful if you want to make your own CBC questions in a free format style of your own construction, but using the design that comes from the designer.  If all you're looking to do is randomize the order of attributes across respondents, the software will account for it automatically.
answered Mar 7, 2018 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (104,650 points)
Thanks for your help!