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Changing a submitted answer later in a survey

Suppose I have a select question at the very beginning of my survey. Half-way through I want to change that answer, but don't want to cycle all the way back to the very beginning to change that answer.

Is there a way for a respondent to change their answer mid-stream?

For (a silly) example, I have a running header that says "you selected '1' for the select question. Would you like to change it?" across the top and at any time the respondent can change their answer and that answer overwrites the existing data in the database.

asked Feb 28, 2018 by WTW_cal Bronze (1,595 points)
The Sawtooth Script function SetValue can be used to write to the database.  In order to allow respondents to overwrite a previous answer, you would likely need to add a copy of the original question to one of your survey pages.  Then, on the page after the duplicate, you could use Sawtooth Script to copy the response from the second question to the first.

Doing this, you would have to add a question to every page of your survey in order to allow respondents to change a response at any point during the questionnaire.

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SetValue works perfectly for this. Read help for better understanding and how to write.
answered Mar 3, 2018 by Arpit Thukral Bronze (905 points)