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Calculating hitrates using fixed holdouts and pre-selected attributes ACBC

Dear community,

I am conducting an ACBC with 15 attributes all over. I am reducing the amout of attributes shown in the ACBC with an upfront question that asks to select the 7 most relevant attributes out of 15. So only these 7 attributes are shown in the ACBC (plus dynamic pricing as an 8th attribute). After the ACBC, I added a CBC with three fixed houldout tasks and 8 attributes (including fixed prices that I calculated from the BYO).

It may be the case that the fixed holdout tasks include attributes that were not choosen by the participant  before the ACBC and I am wondering now if that will become a problem when I will calculate the hitrates and later on the MAE?

Could anybody from the community give me some feedback? Many thanks in advance
asked Feb 17, 2018 by Boris

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