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Adding a 2nd dependent variable

I'd like to ask a 2nd question as dependent variable, showing only a single concept.

Below showing one profile with 4 attributes in a CVA, I want to ask 2 questions as dependent variables:
1) "How likely is it that you...?"
2) "How favourable do view this profile?

both need to be answered on a 7-point-likert scale
1) very unlikely - very likely
2) very unfavourable - very favourable

How can I do this? / Where can I add a second question?
asked Feb 2, 2018 by StefanieW

1 Answer

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You can add the second question as a select question or a single row grid question, one such beneath each CVA question.  When you run the analysis the software won't automatically recognize this second question as the DV for a CVA analysis so you'll have to do some data processing on the back end to get your analysis to run, but there are several ways to do that processing to prep it for analysis.
answered Feb 2, 2018 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (95,775 points)