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Combine pre-selected attributes with CBC

Hello everybody,

I have a short question. I am conducting an ACBC with 14 attributes. To reduce the amount of attributes, I have build a constructed list combined with a pre-selection question to reduce the amount of attributes to 8 (7 + price) that will be shown in the ACBC. After the ACBC and calibration task, I add a CBC with three fixed holdout task including 8 attributes. The attributes for all thee hold out task are the same and just the attribut level is changing. So it may occure that a pariticipant will see attributs in the holdouts that he didnĀ“t see in the ACBC.

Will this later become a problem if I assess the validity of my modell? I am targeting a n of more than 700 participants.

Many thanks for a short answer and best regards.
asked Jan 20, 2018 by Boris

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