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Variable in SSI survey not showing up in exported data

Apologies for the very basic question. I have exported data from an SSI Web survey with a number of very standard radio button questions (and  CVA questions, but not relevant here). When exporting to Excel (or SPSS), one variable did not export. I see the question in the Survey. I know that respondents answered that question. And all other variables (responses to questions) exported, including those before and after this one (which were of exactly the same format). I have tried exporting multiple times and searched through the exported data in case the variable mysteriously moved elsewhere. No luck. Any advice. And thanks!
asked Jul 4, 2012 by Margaret Byrne (120 points)
you better mail your .ssi  and .dat files to support@sawtoothsoftware.com, might be fastest way to get a proper solution
Thanks Paul and Brian!
Paul, there should be data. It was a question that required a response. People could not move on without a response. But we are checking anyway (my colleagues who have admin access). I am using 7.0.26. I will update to 7.0.28 which it says I can do. Will try that! Thanks.

Brian, I didn't have any specific export settings, we just exported ALL of the variables. When I did the export, I just selected "File/Export Data/All data/Excel 2003-2007". All of the other variables were exported. It was just that one variable that didn't show up. Very puzzling.

Hi Paul, just FYI, I did check the individual surveys and the marginals. Everyone answered the question. I was able to get - by hand - responses for everyone from looking at the marginals and then individual surveys. (It was a question on race, and the survey was done in Sarasota FL. So, out of 305 individuals, 299 were Caucasian... so I could collect the 6 non-Caucasian responses individually and add the race variable by hand into the exported Excel file. SO, I actually do have the data that I need now. But puzzle still not solved.) Thanks for the suggestions.

2 Answers

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Are you sure there is data in this question? Check individual surveys through the admin module.

Have you performed a marginals check?

Inform Sawtooth of the version you are using.
answered Jul 5, 2012 by Paul Moon Platinum (101,405 points)
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If there is no column in your export file, then check that the variable is actually selected to be exported in your export settings.
answered Jul 5, 2012 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (57,100 points)