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Block repetition in Block Randomization

Hi, i have designed a survey with 4 sections (lets say B,C,D,E) and in the B section we have set a block randomization for the questions(B11a-B11e) .

The order of B,C,D,E  sections will be displayed as per the options order of S7 question displayed in screener.

We have also implemented the least count for 3 sections among B,C,D and E. So, the problem is when the respondent qualifies for  3  sections lets say B,C,D and he completes the survey with these sections and after this we are able to see the repetition for any of the sections B,C,D.

Can any one help with the solution , Thanks in advance
asked Jan 4, 2018 by sandeepkapalawai Bronze (1,455 points)
retagged Jan 4, 2018 by Walter Williams

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