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Skip logic on multiple select question

While I understand the reference of logic in a multiple select, Q1_1=1, I am unclear how to work with a long list in which responses to some or all dictate the flow through a current project, or whether they terminate.

For instance, Q1 has 28 response options. If they only select option 5 AND/OR 10 AND/OR 15, they terminate. But, if they select option 4 AND option 5, they do not terminate.  Do I have to write out along strings of (Q1_1=0 AND Q1_2=0 AND....)?

The logic around all this is giving me a headache.
asked Nov 27, 2017 by Ron H.

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Hello Ron,

Your Q1_1=0 And Q1_2=0 etc. should work (but a bit long to write with 25 options to cover)

Or... create a Constructed List with options chosen in Q1 but removing the 3 items 5, 10 and 15.  And if that List has length = 0, skip to terminate.
Assuming the Parent List used in Q1 is Q1List


And use as Post-Skip Logic to Terminate in Q1: ListLength(NameOfConstructedList)=0.

Hope this helps.
answered Nov 27, 2017 by amic Bronze (1,285 points)
Hi Amic,

That works great! Due to this sort of logic happening throughout the survey, this is far easier than long strings of not equal references. Thank you!