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Character set support for Asian characters in MaxDiff Analyzer


Here is my first impression for trying MaxDiff Analyzer. I uploaded a score file with Chinese characters, but found they couldn't be displayed properly.

I don't know whether this happened in Conjoint Online simulator, but I do really hope this could be improved to support Asian characters (e.g. applying Unicode).

Since I cannot upload screenshot here, please drop me an email or reply here with an email address, I would like to send screenshot to you.

Thanks for your all kind supports.
asked Jun 25, 2012 by ericdee Bronze (1,805 points)
edited Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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The MaxDiff Analyzer (maxdiffanalyzer.com) and the conjoint online simulator (sawtoothsimulator.com) both support Unicode which has support for almost all languages.  The file that you upload needs to be UTF-8 encoded (which is the most common file encoding used on the internet).

If you are not able to get the file encoded correctly, you can also edit the labels online after logging in to your project and you can enter or paste Unicode text.

Please email me (dave@sawtoothsoftware.com) your file if you would like me to help you get it in the correct format.
answered Jun 25, 2012 by David Squire Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (6,155 points)
Hi David

Thanks for your kind reply. It really helps me. I will check my uploaded file's encode tomorrow, and make sure it is UTF-8 encoded. If it is right, I will send it to you for further validation. Thanks.