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Error #270 while uploading survey to server

Gentlemen, good afternoon.

Currently using Lighthouse Studio, version 9.4.

As one of my workmates was trying to upload a survey to the server, the error #270 appeared in the AutoUpload logs. However, as I tried the same task in my computer, it ran successfully. We are not sure about what may be causing this error in my workmate's computer.

Thanks a lot for your time.


asked Nov 1, 2017 by Mauricio Belleza Bronze (860 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Mauricio,

Are you using Sawtooth Software's hosting?

Please have your workmate try it again and then email the log files to me dave@sawtoothsoftware.com.

Thank you!

answered Nov 1, 2017 by David Squire Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (5,730 points)
Hi, Dave, thanks for your response.

Yes, he is using Sawtooth Software's hosting service.
Now, as we tried to open the file again, the message that appeared is:

"The following error occurred while opening the study:

Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: Non-Numeric character in a numeric field on line 3591."

Either way I will send you the log files as soon as possible.

Thanks once again.