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Is it possible to randomize multiple items in a question so that they correspond to each other?

I am working on designing a MaxDiff exercise that asks respondents to rank different information sources based on either their ease of use or their practicality. I would like to design only one exercise so that I can segment and compare the data. Is it possible to construct a list to insert into the question that will show either hardest/easiest or most/least practical, as opposed to easiest/least practical?
asked Jun 15, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams
I don't think I understand your question.  Perhaps you could clarify the following points:

1) What do you mean by ranking based on either X or Y?  It's probably not a great idea to be collecting data on two different metrics and trying to run a single MaxDiff analysis.  What is easiest to use might not be the most practical?

2) A good MaxDiff design will be balanced and orthogonal, i.e. I don't always show you the same items together.  Ease of use or practicality is the setting or the framework I'm using for choosing source X or source Y, so I don't understand where the list comes in.

3) Are you doing this manually, rather than using a MaxDiff exercise?

Perhaps you could clarify with a screenshot (host it using a free image sharing service such was www.imgur.com) or example of what the task should look like?  Feel free to send something into support at sawtoothsoftware.com if that's easier.

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