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Filtering surveys on date via the admin module

I was wondering if there is a suitable option to this issue?

I have some tracking studies part way through field.

I'd like to filter on completed surveys for a date range. e.g. Which passwords were the completed surveys for August 2017?

So without downloading, I'd just like to identify and copy the passwords or ID's for those completed surveys in the specified date range.

If I go to the Advanced menu option and view the data, the only available filter is the end time stamp.

Is there a method available now that I have missed via the admin module?

Should date be a filter included?

asked Sep 14, 2017 by Paul Moon Platinum (96,920 points)
I don't believe this functionality is currently in the software, but it could probably be tacked on to a survey without too much difficulty.  You could add a hidden field and set it with JS or Perl on the terminate page, then run searches on that hidden field in the admin module.
Thanks Zachary for the information.

I didn't think it was there. I'll add it to the Sawtooth Software Wish List.

When in the admin module and you filter on system fields like Respondent ID, Disposition Code, Screen Width, I think Date would be welcomed also.

This project is well underway - week 12 of 26 and date filtering has suddenly become a handy requirement. I certainly don't want to add it in half way through as it doesn't help with the already captured surveys.

But certainly your idea would have been beautiful at the beginning of the project.

In the meantime, I can quickly download the data and export an SPSS data file where End Date saves the completion date.

Thanks mate.

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