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Problem when uploading survey

Hey everyone,

I'm using an academic grant and am just trying to upload a surey for the first time. Unfortunately this isn't working.
It always stops at step 4/10 (HTML access) and gives an error "An unexpected error has occured, see log files". So when I have a look at the AutoUpdate log file it says "Connection timed out while communicating with the server."
How do I solve this problem?
In one try it skipped this step without causing problems but stopped at another point.

I already read that the firewall could be a problem. I don't know how to handle this though.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards.
asked Aug 28, 2017 by Helen
Hi Helen,

Our hosting system is experiencing some issues at the moment where some of the web servers are not responding.  This is impacting some customer's ability to create new surveys, upload and gather data.  Our hosting team is working on it at the moment.

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